Fuel Injection Woes

I’m about ready to put a carburetor on there and call it good.


The shop has had it now for over a week (two Thursdays ago), and they’ve fixed the couple things that prevented them from putting it on the dyno.  They’ve got it all setup for idle and cold tuning, but they’re running into a misfire above 4200 RPM or so.  They’ve checked spark out of the distributor, signal to the ignition module, timing signal to the PCM, coil output; they’ve checked valvespring pressure, spark plugs (I had the wrong depth plugs in there–apparently I needed a different plug with aluminum heads than stock, although I didn’t see that in the paperwork); they’ve tried pulling their tune out of the PCM, they’ve checked & set fuel pressure, checked knock counts, everything.  Just keeps the misfire.

I’m starting to think that I’ll pay as much for the tune as I did for the exhaust work (WAY too much).  But the shop seems to be covering all the bases, and they definitely know what they’re doing, so hopefully it will turn out.

I’m heading to India on Wednesday, and will be back on Thursday the 22nd.  Then we fly to Omaha for Christmas on the morning of the 23rd for 4 days.  So…maybe a late Christmas present for me?


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