Just keep saying it’s another step closer…

Well, the Carb Conn appointment went pretty well.  The guy there, Alex, was great.  Met me after his morning workout, showed me around the shop (they’ve got some amazing rides there).  Then he pulled his laptop and his communication gear over to the truck, but wasn’t able to hook up to the PCM with either EFILive or his HPTuners equipment.  SONOFA….

We talked about possibilities, and he said I should go ahead and give the DMV a shot at emissions testing.  He had a tester and shoved it up the tailpipe, and it it passed with flying colors!  Unfortunately, I could hear an exhaust leak starting up pretty bad.  I took it into the state emissions inspection shop, and they passed me!  I went straight to the DMV (DoL in this state), and got fresh tabs for the license plate.  So that made me legal, at least.

I drove it to work for a couple days, and it ran great, but that exhaust leak got immensely worse quickly.  T came back over and helped me get it back into running shape–retightened the exhaust headers after the couple hundred mile break in, change the oil for the first time (more dino oil going in), and fixed the exhaust leak.  Turns out, BOTH COLLECTORS had come completely off.  I guess the nuts backed off or something.  That exhaust is the only thing I didn’t do myself on this build, and I paid REAL good money (i.e., he robbed me blind), and all six collector bolts backed off. 

Anyway, got those bolted back up, and it’s suddenly tolerable to drive again.  Alex at Carb Conn told me to try Vince at Trifecta, a mail order tune & logging place, but he apparently has sold all his LT1 equipment, even though that’s what he drives.  HE told me to try Blood Enterprises down in Auburn, and they DO tune LT1s!  So I drove it down there on Thursday.

While it was there, they gave it a once over before they put it up on the dyno.  They found a few problems that keep them from doing the dyno tune:  a couple plug wires had burned on the exhaust headers (these things are beginning to be a pain), the clutch hydraulic line had apparently fallen and was resting on the driver’s side catalytic converter, and finally the main wiring harness loom was too close for comfort to the header.  They’re going to take a swag at fixing those three things, then they’ll put it up on the dyno early next week.  Again, i’ll post a dyno chart as soon as I can.

They were able to communicate with the PCM, but unfortunately, the ABS codes that I’ve got are in the V6 computer, which ISN’T on the OBD port, so they can’t pull them.  I’ll call CPW next week, I guess.

In the meantime, I’ve got the amp to install to power the 4 component speakers that have been powered off the head unit all this time, the auxiliary input for the stereo, new carpet, a new shift boot & hold-down ring, and an LED dimmer ready to install.  I’ve also been planning out the center console, and I think I have an idea of how to incorporate a couple cup holders, the exhaust cutout switch, the center console tray, a cubby for your wallet & cell phone, and maybe room for some gauges in the future.

I’ve also got a new sub & amp for the car, and I’ve installed the aux in for that as well.  That’ll keep me busy until the truck comes back from the shop!


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