Another day, another drive…

Took it out yesterday for another spin, again with no issues!  I ran it through the rev band again, and found that 1st gear’s redline of around 6000 RPM whether ECU induced, or power-limited, I can’t tell yet) yielded 50mph, assuming the speedo was accurate.  I know it’s not–call it 45 for a conservative guess.  I also made about half a run with the cutouts open…it sounded okay 🙂

Don’t have much else to say.  Calling Carb Conn tomorrow to see if I can schedule some time again, even though I bailed on them last Saturday at the last minute.

Until then, here’s some pictures from a few weeks ago.  Some day soon I hope to get a video up.

You can see the change in odometer reading there with the new cluster (on the bottom, the black one).

Here’s the problem with the starter solenoid that I ran into.  I ended up replacing it since this didn’t appear to have a way to ensure it wouldn’t back itself out again.  My replacement was too thin, by about a quarter of an inch.   I was able to use a couple washers as spacers on the stock bolts, and it worked great.  Hope that sucker is in there for the long haul; it’s a PAIN IN THE REAR!  I’ve heard the F bodies are even harder though, involving pulling an engine mount.  No thanks!


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