Getting ready

New starter is in, and it works great.  New coil is in, but I haven’t tried it (it was late at night when I got it installed).  The cluster is in, the needles are reinstalled, but I still have to put the dash together.  I’ll do that tonight, along with putting together a toolbox to take with me on Saturday in case I break down.  I’m also planning on doing some driving tomorrow night to double and triple check everything.

I also found the source of my water leak–it’s the heater hose return to the water pump.  There’s a plastic elbow with a hose clamp on it that’s weeping by.  Not bad or anything, but I couldn’t get at it last night to tighten it up.

I also lost a 1/4″ socket in the front clip somewhere–couldn’t find it to save my life.  I swear, after losing this one, a couple of 13 and 15mm sockets, and that one inside the framerail, this truck EATS sockets!!!


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