Pulled the starter last night, and the solenoid appears to be working itself out of the main case.  It’s pressed in, so I can’t REpress it, or it would just slide out again.  Most are bolted…NOT SO, this guy!  I’ll take it to the auto parts store tonight.

Old coil is off, and I had to drill a pair of RIVETS out to get it off the ignition module.  Ridiculous assembly practice.  Getting bolts tonight at Lowe’s.

The old cluster is out, the bulbs are swapped and spun, and the new cluster face is on.  Just waiting on the glue to dry and an install to put the needles on and install the glass cover.  I’ll probably also move the cutout switch somewhere, but not yet.  Maybe when I build the center console or something; I don’t know.

I think I also need to order a high power resistor for the dash lights–they don’t dim now that they’re all LEDs.

I’m NERVOUS because the first real test of the output capacity of the engine build is on Saturday.  FIRST, I have to drive the thing all the way to Kirkland; second, I have to hope it doesn’t go BOOM when I run it up through the horsepower and speed bands.  I’ve been all the way through first and second I think, but third or fourth is pretty fast!



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