More baby steps

Well, it’s been about two weeks since my last post.  I’ve been battling the power steering issue, which led me last night to realize that I’ve got a loop of the reservoir->pump hose that goes above the level of the reservoir, which probably means that I’m creating an air bubble there.  I disconnected and rethreaded it through the mess of wires and hoses there on the passenger side front.  It’s now lower, and not kinked, so that should solve that problem.

MIL light:  I took the cluster out and I think I had a Gross Conceptual Error when I installed the LED lights.  I believe that I was holding the ground side of the source on one large “ground plain” and moving the 12V source around the cluster to confirm I knew which side was the positive side.  One problem with that:  it’s usually the GROUND SIDE that it switched by the PCM, which means I had all the idiot lights backwards.  I pulled the cluster out and started testing it.  This time, I didn’t have the battery charger handy, but I DID have the battery.  Oops–there’s no current limiter on the battery, and it certainly has neough power to burn the little copper traces on the cluster.  Which it did.  So I went to the junk yard last Sunday and grabbed a couple clusters out of other trucks.  I also ordered a new white gauge face, and I’ll transfer the needles over.  Speaking of needles, I think that’s why my oil pressure was pegged high–it was trying to indicate 0 psi at about 1/4 scale, so the HIGH oil pressure (cold idle) was off the scale.  That’s also why when the oil warmed up and got more viscous, pressure came down to high in band.  So I’ve adjusted all the needles, and they all seem to indicate better (temp, fuel, etc).  Of course, I now have to pull them all off and transfer them to the new cluster, so that will have to be done again.

The two codes are indeed Maintenance Indicator Lamp fault (discussed above, see “DOH!”) and fan circuit B failure.  I’ll get that one turned off at the tuning shop.

I’ve also bled both the power steering and the clutch hydraulics, which BOTH has significant air in the system.  I don’t think the bleeding of the clutch has solved my reverse problem, which I may just have to live with until I’m ready to pull the transmission again.  The power steering, as I said, was related to the air bubble, so that should be taken care of.

I also got a new coil for the LT1, just to see if that will change the upper-rev-band behavior of the engine.  I need to check the tach and make sure it’s working correctly (i.e., set for V8, not V6), since the truck seemed to redline at about 5500, and it should be set to above 6300.

Still looking for a tuning shop.  One that I spoke with only does LSx motors, no LTx anymore.  Blah.  LAME.

I installed the amplifier in my Stratus, so I now have a radio in it for the first time in about 3 years.  I don’t think I mentioned it, but it was stolen outside from outside my house in Ravenna (19th & 68th).  They got my 400W 12″ kicker sub, both my audiobahn amps (one for the sub, one for the speakers).  About 8 months later, they got the 10″ form fitted box & sub from my S-10.  That was BEFORE they stole my roommate’s Nissan Maxima.  And before they broke into my house and stole my GPS, my 1911 Colt, and my (then) fiance’s wedding band, not to mention a bunch of family jewelry and laptop from my roommate.  I hate thieves.  I wish they’d have tried to take my 12 gauge from my hands while I was THERE, bastards.  ANYWAY, I’ve installed a new Alpine amp for the components in the Stratus; 75W/channel.  Sounds pretty good.  I need to tune it, and I need to get another sub & amp for the Stratus.  I got that amp off craigslist, and it seems to be great; I got another 4 channel amp for the S-10 (which I never had before) that I’m going to use to power the door & dash speakers.  Right now they’re running off the JVC head unit, and they’re pretty tinny.  I don’t know if the amp will help all that much based on the capability of the speakers, but I can give it a shot.  It will also give me room for expansion.  The sub was really key in the truck for good sound, since the 3x5s or whatever they were had exactly ZERO base.  That’s down the road–I can actually LISTEN TO MUSIC again in the Stratus, after years of nothingness.  THAT is awesome.



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