O2s, fans

I got a late start last night.  I got a new terminal on the fan supply cable, and got that connected to the starter motor.  That should just about do it for the fans.  I also installed the O2 sensors and got them connected, as well as connecting the harness for the cutouts.  Right now I’ve got that routed over the passenger side frame rail, although I’m not sure yet how I’m getting it into the cabin and onto the dash.

I also found a loose nut on the starter motor, loose hose clamps on the radiator return line, a loose nut on the steam vent hold down, and a power steering hose that was rubbing on the idler pulley.  I went crazy with the zip ties, and I hope that got most of it corrected, but we’ll see.  Also, the O2 sensor & cutout wiring runs awful close to some of the exhaust piping–I hope I’ve got it held up out of the way enough.

Tonight I’m going to get back on the temp & fuel level gauges.


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