Exhaust (mostly) done

Yeah yeah, it’s been MONTHS.  I know.  BELIEVE me, I know.  Everyone always asks, “What happened to your truck?”  “How’s the truck?”  “Did you finish the truck?”


NO, it’s not done yet.  But I’m making progress again, finally.

The exhaust shop really charged me more than it was worth, but they did a good job.  It’s really a work of art, even though it took too long and was grossly overpriced.  I didn’t get it back from the shop until pretty much AUGUST.  See here:


You can really see how tight the packaging is.  That Magnaflow can is pretty small, but it sound pretty good at idle.  I’ve heard it spin up unloaded, and it’s not too bad then either.  With the valves open, however…  well, let’s just say it’s a little loud, okay?


I figured out why the gauges and turnsignals weren’t working (fuse blew), and I’ve contacted CPW to get some troubleshooting advice from them on fixing the fans, the gauge temp, the fuel gauge, and possibly the reverse lockout solenoid (that may or may not have been fixed with the gauge cluster–I didn’t really investigate it).


I DID get a parking ticket while parked on my street.  Legally parked, but my tabs have expired, and I guess it’s illegal in the city of Seattle to park with expired tabs.  Harumph.  So I need to get these fans working reliably (and the temp gauge, please?), and then check the emissions status, get it emissions passed, and then get the truck re registered.


Of course, I won’t be test driving it before then.  Nope, not at all.


In the meantime, I’ve also replaced the exhaust crossover pipe (thanks for the help, J!) on the turbo diesel suburban, and added a 3pack of gauges (boost, EGT, trans temp).  Who knew that a giant hole in your crossover pipe (before the turbo) would cause the turbo to be useless?  Funny, that.  It’s a whole new truck now–torque off the line, turbo spool under full load, even some actual acceleration!


Electrical troubleshooting, carpet, center console, stereo.  I even went out and bought a used component speaker amp for the car, and another for the truck, to replace the ones that were stolen from Ravenna YEARS ago!  Maybe I’ll have to upgrade the head unit in the truck so I can have a single Sirius receiver for all the vehicles…that’d be cool.  First, subwoofers in both vehicles though!


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