First drive is complete

I’ve moved the truck to Ballard from Ravenna.  Unfortunately, I only made it 2 blocks under the power of the mighty LT1.

Oil pressure was pegged high for quite awhile, but it’s reading now.  If it’s correct, I have NO idea.  Idle is good at around 800-900, depending on vacuum load and what not.  For awhile, voltage indication was accurate, but it’s now pegged low.  Coolant temperature never moved off the low peg.  Fuel is pegged high, and I have no idea what fuel was BEFORE I took the V6 out.

I never did get the fans to work from the PCM, and like the fuel pump, I’ve wired around it.  While the fuel pump is just a switched, fused 12V source into the control side of the fuel pump relay, I couldn’t figure out how to get that to work (partially because I didn’t want to cut the PCM wire, since there’s so little of it exposed at the underhood relay).  So I’ve just got the ground lead from the fans coming back into the cab with a pair of swtiches (one for each) for now, and supply directly from the battery.  They run, and it’s keeping the engine cool, but it’s definitely not a permanent solution.

The engine stopped backfiring every 15 seconds once the pipes warmed up.  It sounds great in a tunnel, and burbles nicely on engine braking (what little I did in two blocks).  After those two blocks, the throttle cable stop came off, and the throttle pedal went to the floor.  I used the Beast (a.k.a., luv-machin; a.k.a., Environmental Destroyer) to tow it to Ballard.

Tonight, I meet with the landlord at 5:30, then I’ll do some moving of the basement.  Tonight, I pick up the Wifey at the airport.  Tomorrow, I’ll try to get the throttle cable reattached and driven over to the exhaust shop.


I’ve got a video, but it’s coming back from Nebraska tonight on the camera.  I’ll post it, along with the V6, soon.


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