Trial by fire.

Well, the time is here.  The last part has come in (1.25×1.25x.375 coolant Tee).  There’s no more cleaning, no more electrical connections.   It’s time to fire this thing up, and see if I can get a recurring combustion reaction to occur; to see if I can harness a controlled explosion every tenth of a second.  My dad flies in on Wednesday.  Thursday will be spent pressure testing the fuel and coolant systems, and Friday I’ll add the oil and try to fire her up for the first time EVER.

Yes, thank you, J, for the reminder.  I’m going to start the engine for the first time ever on Friday the 13th.

I’m at drill this weekend and forgot my camera cord at home, but I’ll get some final pictures up tomorrow or early next week of the whole thing put together with all the bits in it.

T, E, & M:  if you guys want to do some work, I’ll be doing prep work on Tuesday night (coolant fill, pressure test, battery charge and fuel integrity test).

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of shift knob to install?  So far, all I’ve seen are the hurst 6 speed cue ball and black ball, or the WS6 leather wrapped knob with or without the chrome inlay.  If I had to choose from those, I’d go for the black Hurst, but SURELY there’s something cooler out there, right?

Everyone cross your fingers.  If you’re in the Seattle area, feel free to come by on Friday around 7pm; BYOB.


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