Back in the saddle again…

Just got back last weekend from the wedding, and let me tell you my left arm feels noticeably heavier!  Super excited though, and the 2 week trip was absolutely FANTASTIC.  We’ll be getting pictures up soon, I hope…once we get through the 8500 that were taken (us, the professional photog, several above-average amateurs, and the millions the kids took with their shiny new cameras).

Got the passenger’s side exhaust header on, but not tightened this week.  I had to go get some more tools to get in there to tighten it up with the torque wrench.  Driver’s side somehow has a bad set of threads in one hole (aluminum head…gah).  I also picked up a rethreading kit and a tap in case I have to get extreme.  I’m working on the truck tonight and at least one day this weekend, not sure which yet.  Pictures and updates as they happen!


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