Well, here it is!  The LT1 DOES fit into an S10!!!  Well…sorta…


You can see that it looks like a pretty clean install..the steering column goes right through the header like it’s designed that way and everything.  Here are some more shots of the drop-in:

One of the MANY MANY test fittings:

Some “massaging” and “adjusting” was required on the firewall.  Here’s a shot of my friend T taking his turn with the sledge:

Here you can see the results of the “massage work” on the firewall:

And BAM, suddenly it dropped in:


SO…catching up.  Here’s some stuff that had to get done first.  That clutch pedal install I was complaining about?  Here’s the hole cutting:

It turns out that the ’94 pedal that I sourced from my friend PF in Virginia isn’t the same size as the one in this truck, so we had to build a bracket.  YES, that’s the side of a CRAFTSMAN 2.5 ton floor jack that had died.  We got the whole name to fit on the bracket.  It’s awesome:

And now the pedal after the install.  You can see how much of a pain that bracket was to get in, especially after I realized that it went on TOP of the dash crossmember, not below it.

The new/refurb alternator:Pics of a bunch of fun stuff I got at the Pick&Pull/PullAPart:


So…that brings us up to the problem…the “sort of” from above.  See the accessory drive belt route?

From the top, going clockwise around the belt:  alternator, power steering pump, crank pulley, tensioner puller, A/C (I have an idler replacement), and back to the alternator.  Pretty standard, right?  Well…here’s the accessory bracket mocked into place.


Check it:

It looks like I’m going to have to raise the engine up about an inch or so.  I knew you had to notch the frame there if you were running a real air conditioner, but I didn’t think the idler pulley that replaces the compressor would have that kind of a problem.  GRRR…


More work this week, hopefully with pics, when I’m not working on wedding stuff.  “TICK TOCK DOC, TICK TOCK!”


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