No updates…sorta

So…it’s been almost a month since I last updated.  It’s been RIDICULOUSLY busy for me lately; if you can see my Gmail status, you already understand why.  Since New Years, here is every single weekend:  Wedding in Tampa.  Sun Peaks, British Columbia.  Drill.  Back to Tampa for work for a week.  Return to Seattle, fly back out same night to Omaha.  Weekend off.  Chicago for a wedding.  Austin for Shenaningans (this weekend).  Drill, Cleveland for work for a week, Drill, weekend off, Hawaii for my wedding.   So yeah, I’m a little busy…


Okay, so…I’ve been busy.  But part of that busyness has been the work on the engine that I’ve got done.  Thanks to my fantastic friends E, T, & M, I’ve got SIGNIFICANT news to report.  But, since it ain’t poo without pics, I’ll wait until tomorrow when I have time to post the pictures.  Fear not, I’ve already taken them…


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