Pictures and Progress!

Yeah!!! There’s the RIGHT clutch pedal!


So yeah, I got some parts in, sent some parts back, and got some installed.

Got me some GM Synchromesh for the T56.

Got me a HURST shifter for the T56…

Which I promptly stood behind and made gear shifting sounds with.  Yeah, I’m still a kid sometimes…or I try to be.

Looks good tho, don’t it???


Honestly, most of my frustration lately has been related to these guys, those damn fuel fittings.  I’m going to order a couple sets from Summit of the good stuff, the -AN fittings, and send the ones that don’t fit back.  To HELL with this 9 trips to Home Depot mess.

Thanks to T, we started cutting for the S10 master cylinder that I (hope) will operated the T56.

I was SHOCKED at how easy this turned out.  The Dremel is an amazing machine, huh?

And there’s the result!  We spent about an hour trying to get the bracket in without success; I’m afraid I’m going to have to pull half the dash out to get it in there.  I’ve already got the cluster and steering wheel off.

Drill this weekend, then Tampa for work, then Nebraska so my family can meet the fiance’s for the first time ever. …so no more work until the following week, sadly.  But that DOES give me some time to order parts!


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