Help arrives!

It’s the E man gettin’ nasty!


Sadly, I didn’t get any of T helping out–but he was PIVOTAL in making the front crossmember presentable.  Thanks to you both.

Let’s see, what else?  Pulled the evaporator out of that big plastic hunk in the back:

Yeah, 14 years of RATS NEST.  Gah.

New parts!

One pair of oxygen sensors.

The other pair (OBD-II, emissions legal, remember?).

LT4 knock module, for the roller rockers.

Water wetter.

Plugs and wires.

Emissions….what what?


So…no I’m going to take a break, and go home to Texas.  While there, hopefully I can find a clutch pedal and bracket.  I’ve got the fittings, the master cylinder cut figured out, the slave, and the -3AN line (not ordered yet, but I know what I need).  I also need to buy fuel line fittings, once I measure the fuel lines.  Heh, oops.  But I have the flare tool now, and I think….that’s about it?  I need to buy some grommets to get the LT1 PCM into the cab.  Yeah.  And….?  I’ll be back on the 3rd…


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