Quick update to keep everyone up to date

Just a quick note, I’m still working.  T was kind enough to come over and do some dirty work for me cleaning up the engine bay.  It looks FANTASTIC.

I’m mostly doing research and planning right now.  I’m looking at the fuel lines, the clutch system, the exhaust.  A big hangup right now is that I don’t think the clutch/brake pedal assembly that I ordered from ebay fits my truck; I’ve seen pictures of it in a 99 Blazer, but I just don’t see how it’ll fit in my truck.  I’ve also seen a quick picture of a guy who pulled his clutch pedal and bracket out of his 96, and it looks more like what I’d need.  I also see how I have to mount the clutch master cylinder, and I have ordered the fittings to connect the master to the slave using -3AN line instead of the factory plastic crap.

I’ve also ordered some exhaust fun toys.  MWAHAHAHAHA

And then the O2 sensors, and a bunch of fluid (oil, tranny, filters, etc), and some heater/radiator/steam vent piping and plugs and clamps.  All the little stuff.  Did you know that T56 manual transmission take AUTOMATIC transmission fluid?  I had no idea…

I’m also wrestling with the idea of changing the headlights while I’ve got it all apart.  I found out the chrome trim piece on my grill off that blazer roll over is broken on the driver’s side, so I’d have to get another one.  Plus the cost of the lights.  I really should just suck it up and do it, but….the price is stacking up, plus the cost of the wedding is starting to hit.


More pictures when I have 5 minutes of free time.


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