Gettin’ DIRTY

Tonight, I put the transmission pan back on to protect the valve body.  Then I disconnected the exhaust and pulled the driveshaft out from under the truck.  While I was down there, I unbolted the transmission mount. Then I finished pulling a bunch of wiring out (that stuff is just LAYERED in there…I have no idea how I’m going to reassemble the stupid thing).  I pulled the power steering pump out and disconnected it’s lines.  Then I pulled the starter out, undid the engine mounts, and laid some lifting straps in there.

Take a look right above the lower radiator hose, and in the same spot ont he driver’s side:  those are empty engine mount bolt holes!


Tomorrow, I latch onto it with the crane and we see what happens!


Also tonight, I pulled out the flywheel dust cover I got from F2B and checked it’s fitment against the transmission.  Looks great!  I’d heard that Canton racing pans prevented a dustcover from being installed; total falsehood.  There are basically four bolts that will hold it in place; it looks like two have openings on the back that I could use a lock nut with; the other two are closed.  I guess I need to tap those holes; I’ll call AutoGear tomorrow (they sold me the clutch housing) and see if that’s what they intended.


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