MORE disassembly…

Tonight, I got most of the electrical that was left disconnected.  I drained the oil and the transmission fluid, then the coolant.  As I was disconnecting the radiator, I was shocked to learn that this S10 had both a trans cooler AND an engine oil cooler in the radiator end caps.  Crazy!  I won’t need either of those (I have a standalone oil cooler), and I won’t be reinstalling the AC heat exchanger, so hopefully I can make some room there.  I pulled a bunch of the hoses out, pulled more of the AC system out, and got the engine just about disconnected completely.

I also pulled the driveshaft off.

Tranny fluid, nice and red.  It’s Royal Purple:

The coolant still looked really good too.

Here’s my alignment shot for reassembly reference.  Not much room to add another pair of cylinders, huh?

And there’s the open heart itself.  Pretty scary looking, huh?


Next, I’ll disconnect the exhaust system at the head of the cat, remove the transmission mount, the transmission cross member, disconnect the electrical and cooler lines to the tranny, then drop it.  I’ll probably just leave it under the truck until I get the motor out.  Once the tranny is down, I”ll probably latch onto the engine with the crane and start pulling engine mounts and other bits off. I’m SURE there are connections to the motor that I can’t see, but I can’t remove them until I know they’re there, you know?


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