Yes, I’m shouting.

Check THIS out:

BANG.  Canton racing pan was just the right depth in the sump, AND they had a 1 piece real main seal, S10 compliant pan.  Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky.  At the very bottom of the picture, on the left, you can see a black mark that I made that indicates the bottom of the pickup.  It’s 1/4 – 1/2 inch from the bottom of the sump.

Yes, VERY lucky.

Here’s some more pictures of the install:

Thank you, Canton:

Let’s do some cleanup here.  Remember THIS POST about how Aeromotive rocked?  Well, the part got lost in their shipping department, but I called a guy named Brett, and he had one out to me in a couple days.  Thanks again, Brett.  Here’s proof:

From left to right, that’s fuel return, vacuum/boost control, fuel supply, and on the far right of the regulator is the fuel pressure adjustment.  In the lower right corner of the picture, you can see the vacuum line extension Aermotive helpfully includes in the package.

And here’s the difference in the brackets.  My fault; sorry!

What else?  I bought a throttle cable bracket off of Ebay.  Nice and powdercoated, with texture:

And with that, and a couple of VERY small exceptions*, I’ll call the engine FINISHED!


*Those exceptions are mostly things I can’t do until I get ready to drop the engine in:  the coolant temp sensor that I removed and the plug on the other head, the oil dipstick.  I seem to have lost the oil fill tube (sonofa).  And the flywheel dust cover got ordered today from F2B, a company that specializes in during F body T56 transmissions into B body kits.  They also happen to make flywheel covers.

Now as soon as all this snow melts (and what we get tomorrow) from the HORRENDOUS 5″ of snow storm that Seattle got, I’ll get the car out of the garage, and the truck in and start RIPPING it apart.

Guess I should also reread the V8 into S10 conversion manual I bought years ago from Jags That Run.


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