Insert Tab A into Slot B



So the transmission is now attached to the engine.




Some pictures of how I got there:

Here’s a picture of the steam tube vent on the back of the heads:

And here it runs forward to the passenger side.  Somehow, I’ve got to get that to TEE back into the coolant system.

And check THAT ugly mug:

What self-respecting woman would agree to see that every night?  I got lucky, or maybe she’s insane…only time will tell.

Once I had the engine out in the open off the engine stand, I was able to get that broken bolt out of the rear main seal assembly.

“Custom” bolts (thanks, Lowe’s!):

So yeah…got the flywheel installed.  The ARP fasteners were pretty awesome:  12 point bolts.  Normally, the 12 point sockets are convenient, but less effective on the standard 6 point bolts.  But if there’s a 12 point bolt, a 12 point socket can put a lot more surface area to use, and therefore can transfer a lot more torque.  That’s why Torx are so awesome, even though they’re also annoying.  Never thought of it before; I’ve never seen a 12 point bolt until this.

Then I got the clutch and pressure plate installed.  Again, I had to run to Lowe’s for the bolts because the ones I got from Summit/ARP were definitely too short for this application.

Lots of argument on the pressure plate to flywheel torque spec–my book said 30, so that’s what I did.  Lots of people said 22ft-lbs, and a couple said 51ft-lbs.  I think the 51 was for the LSx motors.  22 or 30 isn’t that different, but it IS the pressure plate to flywheel with clutch sandwich torque spec, and the T56 is notorious for being difficult to get in and out of gear easily if it’s not perfect.  If I have problems, it likely could be here.  This, or the orientation of the pilot bearing (or choice of a bearing over a bushing…lots of argument there too).

Then it was time for the moment of truth:

Here’s a good shot of the clutch pivot fork before it’s engaged onto the throwout bearing or clutch pivot bolt:

And then after the transmission is fully seated, you just push the fork onto the throwout bearing:

Here’s the slave cylinder mounting bracket:

And then I released the straps:

And a couple parts that I recently received.  Not pictured is the wiring harness and retuned PCM.


Let’s see…tonight, we (MErd & I) installed that inlet elbow.  Then we laid out the wiring harness, and everything seems to be where it belongs except for the engine coolant temperature sensor (the one in the head itself, not in the water pump).  Because of my headers, I think I’m going to have to use the hole on the passenger side vice the drivers side head, so I may need to make an extension for that connector to wrap around the motor.  We’ll see.  Everything else looks good, clear down to the transmission solenoids and O2 sensors.

Canton Oil Pan is on order, and I’ve found a place that sells the flywheel dust cover/inspection plate.  I need to order an LT4 knock module since I have the LT1 version (not made for the noisier roller rockers).  And a bunch of transmission fluid.  Did you know the T56 uses AUTOMATIC transmission fluid?  What’s THAT all about????

Oh yeah–I went to the Seattle car show last Saturday.  I’ll try to get some pictures up from it.  There was a GM ride & drive afterwards, and I got to drive the new Cruze and the Camaro SS (426hp LS3, auto).  The Cruze looks to meet all the hype they’re giving it–the interior touch surfaces and build quality are EXCELLENT.  As for the Camaro…well…all I can say is WOW.  It sounds raucous, pounds you in the seat, and you can feel it trying to stand up on one back tire when you tromp on it.  The paddle shifting automatic is horrible, although when it shifts on its own it’s pretty good.  The head’s up display is pretty awesome.



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