So TRUE, so true…

“If there were only two, three politicians who acted like Mr Mateschitz, we would be in a better place,” he said.


Niki Lauda, commenting on Sebastian Vettel’s surprise win this weekend at the Formula One finale in Abu Dhabi.  Congratulations, Red Bull, and Congratulations Sebastian!  A true champion!


In other news, the engine is off the engine stand and onto the cradle.  The rear main seal has been fixed (thanks, LT1/LT4 rebuild book, for telling me 35ft-lbs instead of 11, or even the 89in-lbs in the Haynes manual).

I also found out that the Hamburger’s Oil Pan P/N 1099 that I bought with my V8-in-an-S10 kit is for Gen I 350s.  That actually means that it’s for pre 1985 2 piece rear main seal engines (which was in the information on Summit’s website; I just didn’t look hard enough, or know what to look for).  SO…my oil pan doesn’t fit.  Hamburger doesn’t make one for 1 piece RMS engines.  I’m ordering a different pan now, and I HOPE that the pickup tube from Hamburger will work on my new pan.  Because if it doesn’t, and I have to pull the oil pump off….well, CRAP.  The whole top end has to come off again.

Fingers crossed.

Pictures later.


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