Aeromotive, Inc

Update to the fuel pressure regulator business:  Aeromotive, Inc is a company that really GETS IT, unlike SOME companies. I spoke left them a voicemail last night (they’re in Kansas or someplace out east), and I called them again this morning because I had some extra time.  Brett, the tech support guru that took my call, took it on the first ring.  When I described the application and the problem I was having, he calmly and patiently explained that it was, as usual, Pilot Error.  Also known as the nut between the seat and the wheel.

So, there are two LT1 Aeromotive FPRs, 13106 and 13107.  One is for a Corvette application, and the other is for B & F bodies, along with just about everything else you could want.  The only real difference is the bracket angle.  Sure enough, the listing from Summit had that information on it, but I didn’t pay attention and ordered the wrong part.

Aeromotive, as I said, GETS IT.  They’re gonna send me a bracket out free of charge, because it’s not worth anyone’s time or money to pack it back up, get an RGA from Summit, restock it at Summit (or return it to Aeromotive, especially since I’ve installed it), and then send another one out.  Cheaper for them, cheaper for me, and now I’m a happy customer!  And so I write this up, and hope more than 3 people read it, and go buy their products.  I know that when I finally try to get my fuel system hooked up, what with the bastard setup I’m going to need, I’ll be visiting them again.  Maybe I’ll just call them and get them to tell me the right answer the FIRST time!
Thanks Brett, you’re awesome, dude.  As my Dutch friends say, PROOST!


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