Air and fuel!

A friend of mine bought a rolled-over Blazer out in Idaho, so I ran down there to grab some parts.  Power windows, power locks, and the front end of it.  I’d like to some day convert to the 98+ lights since they look better and have a lot more aftermarket support.  Here’s some pictures of the fun we had tearing it up.  Yeah, air chisels!

Thanks to Big E & AvalancheMan, I got some serious work done on the motor the last week.  The intake is on, all the vacuum fittings are installed, and I go the fittings to get the CTS/ECT sensors in.  Then, AvalancheMan and I got the fuel rails installed.  I’m installing the 36lb-hr Accel injectors on the right:

Check out the “collander” (inside joke!) of the new injector port!Used injectors, anyone?

And that brings us to where I am as of today:


I did run into one problem:  the Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator apparently has a bracket that was built backwards.  It puts the fuel return line facing up and towards the center and the vacuum port facing down, as opposed to the OEM FPR (and the picture included with the new regulator, which appears to show its installation on an LT1, of all things!).  I’m going to call them and see what’s up.



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