Thanks to Ethan, I got the intake manifold on there today!  We also threw the valve covers and throttle body on, just for good looks.  Whatcha think?

There is a HUGE gap between the intake and the front and rear rails of the block.  Like 1/4″ or something!  I put quite a bit of RTV on there, but I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have followed that old Elmer’s “a dab’ll do ya” advice.  Oh well, if it leaks like a sieve, I know what the problems are, and I can pull the intake off, scrape the RTV, and reupholster.    Also, my Felpro 1284 gaskets didn’t have the locating nubs, so that was a bit of a frustration.  I do have to pull that throttle body back off to get the PCV tube in there.

Next steps:  get the engine off the stand and get that broken bolt out, then get the rear main seal in there permanently.  Then the oil pan and dipstick and the flywheel.  The do some more of those intake tubing connections:  valve cover, distributor, coolant, etc etc.  Maybe figure out how I’m going to do the steam tube connections without the throttle body heater connected. And it looks like the distributor has a different connector than was on the original, plus the other end of the connector was broken.  DOH.

Jared at Current Performance tells me that the ACCEL fuel injectors I have aren’t very consistent with one another; maybe I’ll be swapping them for some Trick Flows.  Also, I probably need to order a new MAF.  But he says the wiring is just about done, so the programming of the PCM is all that remains there!


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