Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy birthday to me!  I have drill.  Blargh.  Suck.  Working the weekend, had a physical and dental check up, got a flu shot, and had a guy stick me three times trying to draw the annual HIV test.  All on Saturday.  TODAY, I have to run my physical fitness test.  On my damn birthday.  BLARGH!!!

Got one wheel back on the stratus, so it’s on all fours again.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the wheel lock key, so I had to destroy a socket to get that one wheel off.  Gotta get the other three off now, and get some new lug nuts for it.  Then an oil change, and back to the intake.  Also unfortunately, this week will be a bit busy:  bowling Monday night, drinks with friends on Wednesday night, dinner with another friend on Thursday, and helping a DIFFERENT friend bring his boat down from Anacortes to Seattle this weekend.  Lady Antebellum on Monday.  And the fiance will be gone starting Saturday to  HAWAII to drink her maitais.

I’ll get some work done, I SWEAR.  On the upside, Current Performance called asking about PCM programming requirements…head desgin, cam, emissions, etc.  So that’s moving along!  No word on how long it’ll take to finish the wiring harness, though.


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