in between update

So, I’ve got a couple trips back to back to back here.  First Japan, then last week I was in Cleveland, and I leave on Saturday for Brazil!  This will be an actual vacation, so it’s definitely a good thing.  I’m looking forward to the beach…plus the food…plus…well, the whole thing, really.

However, that does mean that I’ve tried to squeeze some work in.  Transmission parts from Auto Gear Engineering are in:


The one part I needed that nobody has was this guy:

You can see how it all goes together now:

[pictures didn’t get uploaded before I left for work; I’ll add them tonight or tomorrow][okay, it took me awhile to add them, but they’re HERE!]


That’s the “Clutch Pivot Fork Pivot Nut,” also sometimes called a T-bolt or T-nut.  I got it from Standard Transmission and Gear in Texas.

I got the new Edelbrock 7107 intake in:

and I took it to the Seattle Powdercoating company in Ballard (Frelard, really) here in Seattle.  They did this and my valve covers for a decent $280 plus tax.  Check the results:

They didn’t mask off the top five plates like I asked, but I was able to clean them up with some industrial strength stripper.  The 7109 LT4 version from Edelbrock also had the name Edelbrock polished, but I don’t feel like working that hard.  There are some knicks in the aluminum I need to buff out, but that’s why I have a dremel, right?  Here’s the results:

Also, the clutch master cylinder and pedal assembly came in from Ebay:

Much like the transmission parts, I have no idea how they go together yet.  I’m sure it’ll make more sense when I actually get to taking old stuff apart and fitting these up.

Last night, I finished putting the valvetrain together.  Lots of oil everywhere, which is fine.  I’m sure it’ll all drain out by the time I get ready to toss the engine in anyway, so I’ll have to pull the valve covers and lube up the valvetrain pretty well anyway.  And I’ll be “prelubing” by bumping the engine over on the starter for a few revolutions to get oil back up into the galleries.

Looking good, if I do say so myself!  Once I get the intake installed (with all its accompaniments), I just have to run a bunch of hoses, buy some plugs and wires and an oil filter.  Then I have to lift that engine off the stand, get that stupid bolt out (what an idiot I was), finish the rear main seal, and get the oil pan on!

Also, right now I’m ordering a pair of tires for the Stratus.  Apparently that slow leak was a nail in the sidewall…not repairable.  Oh well, I’m going down by 10mm on the tires to help reduce the rubbing.  Cuz I’ll need that car when the truck gets parked!


[updated, with pictures]


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