BIG snag

Well, lots of good this week:  steam vent tube washers came in, oil pump is on with pickup tube, the NEW intake came in.  I’m going to the PC shop tonight after work to get it colored that beautiful RED of the LT4 manifold.

I’ve been trying to call Current Performance Wiring to get the wiring harness set up, but they must not be big phone people.

I spoke with Auto Gear Engineering today, and got all the parts for the T-56 ordered that didn’t come with it (add another $500 to the cost of the tranny):  clutch housing (everyone else knows it as a bellhousing), clutch fork, slave cylinder mounting bracket, clutch fork pivot bolt, assorted fasteners.  What they DON’T have, however, and this is the snag, is the “Clutch Fork Pivot Nut.”  It’s a little T-nut that goes on the pivot bolt that the clutch fork attaches to.  I called Chevy, and they say it’s a “No Longer Serviced” item.  That means…if they had one come in, they’d be off to the junkyard to find one.  How does that happen?  These transmissions were last used in a Chevy application in 1997!  They’re barely 10 years old, and this is an external part!  GAH….

Calling Best Way salvage yard today…


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