Oil pumps galore

Okay, first off, new parts!

Accel 150836 Fuel Injectors, 36 lb/hr:

Trick Flow 7.1″ pushrods:

Aeromotive 13106 Fuel pressure regulator: (that’s a nice 1:1 FPR regulator that hopefully will work well for me, and be expandable to FI applications later on)

Pressure plate bolts and Flywheel bolts:

Dorman Clutch Slave cylinder (doesn’t look anything like the picture, and I’ve never seen a T56 slave cylinder, so I hope it’s the right one):

Ram 2554 Flywheel (18 lbs!):

Zoom Clutch kit:

So there’s all the new parts, most of which aren’t ready to go on yet.  BUT, I thought I was ready for the intake manifold.  SO I got the new one out (check out the GLORIOUS color), an Edelbrock LT4 intake manifold:

You guessed it:  the LT4 heads had taller intake runners, and this intake won’t match up.  As always, Summit is awesome, and made returning it very easy.  I shipped it out Friday night back to them, and they’re going to send me the LT1 version (EDL-7107) instead, AND credit my account the difference in price.  I’ve read a couple of LT1 build stories on the internet, and it seems that bolting on the Edelbrock intake for the LT1 doesn’t really add that much power, but usually the intake swap is done on a stock set of heads.  I know mine flow more, and the cam is bigger than the LT1 (definitely bigger than the torquey Caprice cam that was in there, but certainly not a “BIG” cam that isn’t driveable), so I think it’s worth sticking with the Edelbrock rather than go back to the original intake.  Hopefully it works out for me.  I WILL be taking it to the powdercoat shop, however…it’s NICE looking in Chevy Red!

I thought I’d do a couple things on the block while I was waiting on parts, so I did the rear main seal.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned what happened next:

Sonofacrap.  THEN, I went to the hardware store for an extractor.  I am going to wait until I get the engine off the engine stand to see if I can get that monster out of there.  Sucks, BIG time.  There are four fasteners on the rear main seal, two short bolts on top, one long bolt (this one) on the lower right, and a nut on a stud on the lower left.  At least, I HOPE that’s where the long bolt goes, otherwise I know why this bolt broke….oops.  We’ll see.

NOW, for what’s been bothering me LATELY.  (Yes, it’s not going well for this engine of late…but I’m persevering!)  I ordered a new oil pump, and this one came in:

Okay, no problem.  Well….the original pump was a pump with the .750″ pickup tube.  This new pump is for high volume, high pressure, but it might still be limited by 0.625″ pickup.  So I went and bought ANOTHER Melling with a .750″ tube…and installed it, and its pickup tube.  No problem.  THEN…I pulled my oil pan out to check the depth.  Remember, it’s a Hamburger’s pan, and isn’t stock shaped.  It’s got baffles, and is expanded volume, AND HAS ITS OWN PICKUP.  Which, yes, of course, is .625″.  GRRRRrrrrr….I know the pan is for a Gen I block, but they’re the same on the bottom as the LT1/Gen II, so I thought I’d be fine.

Anyway, I still had the .625″ pump, so I’ve been fighting to get that thing installed all afternoon with no luck.  It’s a nice anodized piece with retention bolts, but I just can’t get the force delivered to it at the right angle without worrying about breaking the stupid thing.  SO….I ordered the installation tool (should have done that LONG ago…but it wasn’t in the book, so…).  Also, with this new pan, I can’t use the factory windage tray, which is fine anyway because the pan was  a little deformed after removing it.  BUT that does mean I need to order new main cap bolts for the three studs that support the factory windage tray, so there’s another 70 bucks.  NICKLE AND DIME, big time.

So bottom line, I’ve got the following coming to me:  LT1 intake, oil pump pickup tube installation tool, and some main cap bolts.  I’ll be able to sell the .750″ unused oil pump, as well as the unused main cap bolts (maybe), so that will help a little bit.

Also, I’m going to order my CPW wiring harness, and get a PCM off ebay.  I think I’m going to go get some more pictures up on the web from the last couple months, including Japan, and then go back down there and clean off the oil pan rails and maybe install the water pump.

And get a beer, because I’m pretty annoyed by the oil pump fiasco!


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