One step forward, two steps back…

Got to work again last night!  Lots of pictures, which I have yet to edit.  Got the gleaming red intake manifold out, and started prepping it for the bits from the old one.  Cleaned a bunch of the fasteners that will be easily visible.  Looks like I need to get some plugs, too, because there are MORE holes on the new one than the old one.  Uh…

Need some gaskets too, or some careful RTV.

Checked the wiring harnesses, and contacted the new harness company with specifications.  Also, started looking for a PCM.

Prepped and installed the oil pump & driveshaft.  Realized I need to get a new pickup tube.

And then I installed the new rear main seal…only to snap a bolt of inside the block.  SONOFA…  Off to the hardware store for an extractor, I guess…

Pictures in a couple days when I have time!


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