No progress

I’m on my annual training for the reserves, this time in Yokosuka, Japan.  So no work is getting done on the engine, although I’m getting parts delivered, which is good!

At some point, I’ll put some thoughts up here (and pictures, probably) about what I’m learning here.

ALSO, that means I’m reading a lot on the internet (and books).  I stumbled across this, from a right wing tin foil hat (sorta) blog:

I was watching Band Of Brothers with a group of people (The episode where they find the concentration camp)

No lie…No embellishment…No exaggeration…

I had to explain, in detail, to a 31 year old individual who Adolf Hitler was… Why “the Jews hated him so much”… Why the people were in the prison camp, and why they were so skinny.

This particular person was a straight A, honor roll student in high school…has a Master’s degree in business management…and, is a corporate director for a national organization.

I asked her how she managed to get through school, and 31 years of life without ever hearing of Hitler or the Nazis.

She said she has heard the name (Like, when people compare a politician to “Hitler”… Or, call an overbearing person “Little Hitler”, or “Nazi”) but she never knew where the reference came from.

(She was horrified when I gave her a quick and dirty, abridged version of what happened in Nazi Germany).

Makes me want the puke.  Here I am, standing in the middle of a temple that was originally built in 924, flattened and burnt to a cinder in 1944 during the firebombing of Tokyo, and rebuilt with the combined help of Americans and Japanese working together.  I get to see the good (and the bad) of our two countries’ relationships.

And this pissant, ignorant, repulsive, “EDUCATED”  ************* doesn’t know 60 years of history and the greatest tragedy in modern times.  I am ashamed, enraged, and in SHOCK.  I cannot believe it.

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me where I come from, and encouraging me to know what you went through.  Thank you for enabling me to figure out the motivations, learn the horrors, and understand the mindset that has made me (and you) what we are.

Shame on anyone who is in this woman’s position; if you are, stop whatever you are doing, and go learn your recent history.  Basic stuff, like where did the United Nations come from, why the United States is who we are in today’s world (it’s not just oil, unfortunately for your mindset), and why we are such good friends with the Brits, who tried to subdue us 250 years ago.


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