Drivers Head

Got the driver’s head installed last night; thing is looking pretty nice!  Couple pictures of the head deck cleaned, and the head bolts prepped with ARP assembly lube on the bolt head and underside of the washer, with thread sealant on the threads.  Got those torqued down according to the ARP specs, then I installed the pushrod guide plates and rocker arm studs (55 ft-lbs).

Then I used an old lifter to check the valvetrain geometry; remember, we’ve got 1.6RR vice 1.5, new heads, new valves and valvestems, and new lifters.  So I decided the stock 7.2″ were too long (most RR were centerline on the valvestem; only 1 or 2 were on the intake 1/3 of the stem), so I ordered some 7.1″ pushrods.  I checked all 16 valves for geometry with the old lifter, then rechecked a couple with the new lifters (they’re LS7 lifters, so they might have been different–they weren’t).

The lfiters and lifter guides are soaking in clean motor oil; the roller rockers will get dunked as I install them.

It’s looking pretty mean, isn’t it??

Also, I moved all the parts from the old heads to the new ones.  Some bolts in the back for mounting and grounding, and the two steam vent plugs in the front.  The coil also mounts to the driver’s head in the front, and I have it taken off, but I will likely replace it with a new one during final assembly.  I also cleaned the lifter spring steel hold down plate as best I could.  I should also do the oil pan windage tray at some point.

Finally, I went ahead and ordered some new fuel injectors; the 26 lb injectors are supposedly only good to about 350 RWHP.  Even if this doesn’t get me there, it will leave me room for improvement.  Hopefully, these aren’t TOO big!

Cost spreadsheet over on the right has been updated.

Parts ordered:

Accel 150836 36 LB fuel injectors

Trick Flow 7.1 hardened chromoly pushrods


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