Significant steps-distributor, “head start”

Got the timing cover on, the replacement Optispark distributor, and started laying the passenger head on.

For the timing cover, a bit of RTV on both sides of the gasket, and plenty of motor oil on the 3 front seals.  106 in-lbs on each of the 8 bolts.  The distributor got mounted next, with 3 bolts and the camshaft dowel aligned into the square hole for the timing.

Normally, you’d install the crankshaft mounting hub and harmonic balancer next, but I don’t have a mounting kit; so I started on the heads.  I chased all the bolt holes out, then wiped down the head deck with degreaser (no spraying, since the cam is in and lubricated).  Then I wiped the surface down really well with clean rags, laid the gasket down, and put the head on top.  It’s a beautiful site, let me tell you!  Once the heads go on, I have to transfer all of the old bits over to the new ones, which could be a bit of a pain.  I may have to get some new parts, especially the coolant plugs, etc.

I haven’t torqued the head down yet; that may come tonight, it may not.  I have a softball game tonight, and I leave for Japan on Tuesday, so I’m getting it done as fast as possible.  Maybe Sunday evening I’ll get some progress on the heads!  I’ll also try to stop by an auto parts store tonight and grab a balancer installation tool for rent.


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