Passenger side got a-head….and a problem

Got the crank snout adapter and harmonic balancer installed today.  Then, I installed the 17 head bolts on the passenger side.

Right, so that’s pretty awesome.  Looks great, and I’m excited to have that monster on there.  FYI, I torqued teh head bolts in three steps to 70 ft-lbs, and did not angle torque them.  They’re ARP bolts, so I followed their directions (including thread locker and ARP installation lube), instead of the GM rebuild manual method, which I would assume follows the GM head bolt methodology.  Thoughts?

HOWEVER, I DID create a problem.  Check this:

I found it on the floor.  I’m pretty sure it’s the ball bearing from the left rear of the block, which is installed into the rear main seal surface before the cap is installed.  I’m guessing it got knocked loose somehow.  I tried installing it into the hole in the main cap on that side, but after I shoved it in with a long, somewhat pliable bar, it popped out through the oil filter housing.

Do I pull the rear main cap?  What would THAT mean to the rest of the crank?


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