2010 DoD Comprehensive Review Survey of Uniformed Active Duty and Reserve Service Members

For anyone following along, all active and reserve service members have been asked to fill out a survey regarding the repeal of DADT.  If anyone is wondering, here is what I put at the end of the survey in the “further comments” block:

As a submarine reservist, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell doesn’t bother, or directly affect, me.  Even were I to be mobilized to Afghanistan or Iraq (a distinct possibility), it won’t make an impact on my PERSONAL experience.

Do I think it will negatively impact the mission readiness, manning, and cohesion of active duty units?  Without a doubt:  the military is but a slice of American culture, and I don’t think enough of our citizenry is ready to serve that closely with openly homosexual individuals.  There are those who will get upset, there are those who will rebel, and there will be incidents of assault, I have no doubt.

A GREATER concern to me is the rapidity of the change:  starting 01 January 2010, three things will begin to affect the submarine force all within a VERY short period.
1.  Women on submarines (possibly a greater impact than OPENLY homosexual men, although another policy change that I agree should happen, at some point)
2.  The banning of smoking aboard submarines (again, I agree, but the timing…)
3.  Openly homosexual men (and women, I guess?) aboard boats.

These three changes, implemented in such a close proximity time-wise, is destined to create anger, dis-chord, and will lead to physical altercations, hazing, and inevitably, our own version of the Tailhook scandal.

If you have comments, please keep them civil.  I will exercise the DELETE option liberally.


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