Yeah, so it’s been a bit busy since I got engaged.  I went to Nebraska for last weekend, went to two weddings there, missed one here (sorry ZBG!), got to see an old college/navy buddy, had my house broken into (got the wedding band, bastards…come back when I’m HOME!), got certified on the catamarans at the sailing club.

AND I got the water pump drive gear!

(obviously, new one in the foreground, and on the left, respectively)

Here it is installed:

Water pump drive, cam, then crank:

Before this neat part, I had the cam installed:

Some materials I’m using:

I also started installing the timing set tonight.  The crank sprocket is mostly on, but I had to quit banging on it with a hammer since my roommates went to bed.  The camshaft gear has a gear behind the main gear face that drives that water pump drive gear, and the driveshaft for the drive gear sticks forward into the water pump.  Between the timing cover and the water pump sits the Optispark, which is driven straight off the camshaft face (see the dowel?).

I still have to clean up the timing cover; it’s a mess of RTV still.

Timing set, timing cover, and then I think the heads start going in!  I’ve cleaned up a small bucket to soak the timing chain and lifters in once it dries.

This weekend:  I pick up the girlf…the FIANCE at the airport tomorrow night late.  Maybe I’ll get some more work done on the car tomorrow, after I pack for the weekend (and what a weekend).  Saturday is the Red Sox game with a huge Nurse Corps crowd, and then Sunday I’m taking the 41′ catamaran Buccin out.  I’m taking a handful of work friends Sunday morning, then watching J&JJ’s twin daughters get baptised.  THEN, I’m taking 20+ folks out on the catamaran in the evening…party TIME!  I better get more rum…


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