Heart & Lungs

And finally, all the major bits have come in.  I finished cleaning up the block last night, and got the cam out.  Check out TheShiny:

Note:  the camshaft claims that the distributor drive dowel is setup from the factory for a ’96+ LT1, and I was relatively sure that I had a ’95 block, based on the part ID numbers on the block, the fact that there is no crank timing wheel, and a few other things.  Shouldn’t matter since I got an aftermarket later model Optispark, but there it is.  maybe another hurdle to overcome.

So, the next time I lay hands on this beast, I’ll be putting the cam stick in.  I’m stopping by the auto parts store tonight to pick up some chemicals (thread locker, loctite, more assembly lube).  Maybe this weekend?  Now that the boring cleaning part is over (made more boring by the fact that I didn’t take the crank out, so I can’t REALLY go to town on the cleaning), maybe I’ll get this monster put back together.

Once the lifters and water pump drive assembly come in, and I get the heads on and whatnot, I’ll check the pushrod lengths and order those.   Then it should be pretty straight forward.  I’m sure I’ll need to get a bunch of hardware (I already think I’m missing exhaust header bolts).

The next major hurdle:  electronics.  How to make this monstrosity talk to a V-6, OBD-II S10 a year newer…

Then the transmission electronics.  Then the driveshaft; the clutch, clutch pedal, & master cylinder.  Then the exhaust with cutouts.  Then the air intake & filter…..


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