How much do I suck?

Crap, how much do I suck?  STILL no progress.
Well, not necessarily, but it sure feels that way.  My heads STILL aren’t here.  I’ve looked at other options, but it turns out Trick Flow is by far the cheapest, and their other offerings (ship tomorrow if you want them) would probably be a fairly big loss since they were designed for FI or a stroker.  BUT…I’ve been talking to Greg up there, and he says they’ve got the tool fixed and mine should have shipped to Summit today.  Summit is right down the road from them, so they should be on their way to me REALLY soon!  (I just checked, and they Summit has it marked as “ready to ship” instead of “expected July 39256th, 2010.”  Unfortunately, they’re marked “ready to ship 5/2/2010,” and I’m not so sure about THAT response.)

In the meantime, I’ve finished my sailing certifications.  The final class was an overnight trip up to Port Townsend, which was AWESOME.  Could have been better/more reliable wind, and not always on the nose, and we could have had less threatening weather on the way home.  But we DID see a pod of Orcas swim RIGHT UNDER the boat!  I’ve got to figure out video hosting since my photobucket is full, but pictures should be up soon.  I know, you’ve hear that one before.

Also, I promised pictures of new parts, so here they are!

Trick Flow TFS-31400513 1.6 Roller Rockers

S10/V8 oil pan from TransDapt:

Inside of the windage tray:

The famous Transdapt S10/V8 engine mounts:

The impossible to replace Hedman Headers:

I PROMISE I’m making progress…for REAL!


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