European Silliness

So, the Greek citizens are protesting their government taking away services and entitlements.

In Italy (like France and Belgium), the government is going to take away the right to wear religious garments.

I don’t get it..

Isn’t this a conflict in ideology? Assuming, of course, the EU is consolidated enough to assume a single ideology throughout. One seems almost socialist, while the latter is almost facist. And people want to pattern the US after the EU?

I mean, sure:  the Greeks are used to it, and they probably have no way to make up the difference between their previously supplemented lives.  But what else was the government to do?  Was there even another option available?  Maybe there was, and our media didn’t publicize it, but I can’t really think of anything.  Do the citizens really think the rest of Europe should hold them up to their previous standards without penalty or the expectation of some sacrifice?

And the Italians (and other nations in Europe)?  Yes, it’s POSSIBLE the women are being forced to wear these full-body veils, but it’s also POSSIBLE that it’s their choice.  Barring some other indication, we cannot assume that the husband/father/brother is also an oppressor.  Maybe it’s an American ideal, but I believe it.  Maybe it’s naive as well; feel free to tell me different, but I just can’t see how you can legislate this without some sort of causation determination.

I just don’t get it..

(and yes, you get to endure throw away posts until I get back to Seattle to work on the motor)


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