More Verizon Funtime

05 May 2010

My Address

Account No. xxxxxxxxx-00001

President and CEO
Verizon Wireless
One of their three addresses

Dear Mr. Strigl/Mr. McAdam,

I must admit: I have had some pretty atrocious experiences dealing with different companies throughout the years. I have been served spoiled food, I have had products not ship to me after payment, and I have products fall apart in my hands as I installed them.

Never, however, have I been promised to have a service issue remedied, and then had that remedy turn into an even worse situation. And then get ignored. I guess Verizon Wireless is now striving to be land another claim on their website: “Most useless customer service you will ever not receive.” This one might actually be truthful.

Please refer to the attached FIRST letter to you, dated March 17th 2010. It details the past year of my troublesome account.

I was contact by one Avram Polinski with your Executive Relations department during the first half of April. We had several discussions, but the bottom line was that Verizon Wireless was sorry, and they were willing to work with me to keep me as a customer. Mr. Polinski said that he would be willing to credit my account the $50 for the first refurbished phone I received, and promised to work with me in the future on any future purchase if my current refurbished phone fails me. So far, so good—the phone is getting treated with kit gloves because I fear what I’d be given if it ever fails.

I am disappointed, however, by the action Mr. Polinski took. Instead of crediting my account the $50, he instead removed the 20% discount on my account that my employer’s deal with you entitles me to. So my April bill came due for $52 and change, vice the standard $42. So not only did he NOT credit me the $50, instead he charged me MORE for my trouble! I immediately dialed his desk line, (240) 568-2454. He apologized, and when pressed about the root cause of the failure, he had no response except his apology. As I’ve said before in our relationship, there are two possible root causes for these failures: willful sabotage, or an incompetent employee who is ignorant of his job and unable to perform at a bare satisfactory level. To those two options, I’ll give you, the supposed CEO, a third option: inability to lead the company is such a manner as to inspire competence. Let’s face it, this failure is ultimately due to the culture that you are setting for your employees: that of negligence, disregard, and disdain.

Avram has offered to cover the entire bill for the month of April (so…instead of giving me a $50 credit, he’s giving me a whopping TWO DOLLARS more, nevermind the fact that I actually owed ten dollars less that this sum). Great, but what about May? Has my 20% discount been reapplied? Nope. I’m getting charged the full $52 come May 6th.

What about Mr. Polinski, and his promise to work with me? Let me give you a quote from a voicemail he left on my cell phone the very last time I heard from him. These are his exact words: “In terms of something else, give me a call if there’s something we can do for you.” I have called him every day since April 12th. Every single day. Sometimes twice a day. I leave a voice mail each time. He has never once answered his telephone or called me back. What conclusion can I draw from the behavior of your customer relations department other than they would rather NOT have me as a customer? Mr. CEO, is this truly how your customers are to be treated? What can you do for me? How about treat me as if you’d like my business? Like the last ten years (let’s do the quick math—10 years * 12 months/year * average of $30/month = $3600, and that’s a very conservative accounting, not to mention the incidentals and phones I’ve purchased throughout my DECADE of dedication) means anything to you? Or does it? Are you too big to care about your individual customers?

And, to top it all off, my Refurbished, 100% Guaranteed, replacement LG EnV2 telephone has begun to fail. It randomly turns the backlight on every fifteen to twenty seconds, causing it to drain the battery in less than 24 hours. This is egregious unreliability in your refurbishment program, and should be investigated and corrected immediately. In the short term, you should honor Avram’s promise to me and provide me with a new replacement phone without charging me for it, as well as without changing the details of my plan. Well, check that: change the details of my plan by restoring the 20% discount that my employer has worked out with you.

I’d love to talk to Avram Polinski again, but I fear that I cannot trust a single word that comes out of his mouth. Please have his supervisor contact me at your earliest possible convenience. Or better yet, give me someone who actually gives a damn and can fix this problem. Otherwise, my ten years’ dedication is gone. I guess I waited for you to get the iPhone for no reason whatsoever.

The Better Business Bureau has already been apprised of your failures.

Your customer,



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