Engine cleaning and Parts Pics

I’ve had a couple people say I need to post more pictures. Well…I would, but it’s not really very interesting. I’ve been in a slump for working on it because cleaning the engine is boring. BUT, parts started showing up recently, so here’s some shots of the goodies:

I also did some planning on the finishing touches for the engine innards–pushrods, lifters, lifter spider, valve covers (anyone know a good powdercoater in Seattle???). And I worked on the piston crowns & combustion chamber area today. Ran out of cleaning agent, so I gotta swing by the auto parts store tomorrow and get some more.

Also today, I checked for fuel leaks around the fuel pump install, and didn’t see any. Not sure where the P0440 is coming from… I also replaced the burned & corroded fuse that runs the engine coolant fan on the truck, as well as some general cleaning in the basement around the workbench. OH…and the lawnmower is a beast again. New carb 🙂


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