Big update

Okay, so I’ve been out of touch for awhile, and that’s going to continue. I’ll be out of town for two weeks for work (real work, not navy work). BUT, if you check the conversion cost spreadsheet, you’ll see I’ve made some the next big purchases.

Trans-Dapt V8 in an S10 conversion kit
This includes an oil pan, headers, gaskets, motor mounts, hardware.

Trick Flow GenX 430HP/400 lb-ft Top End Kit, which includes:
ARP head fastener set
Pushrod length checkers
Trick Flow 185 heads
2.02/1.60 valve dia, 54cc chamber, 3 angle valve job
1.6 Roller Rockers
Complete Engine gasket set
Track Flow Track Max cam
219/227 @ 050, 280/286 duration, .530 lift w/ 1.5 rockers, roller cam

Heads are backordered until 6/3, probably built to order. So it’s a good thing I’ll be out for two weeks, I suppose. Here are pictures of the head decks to keep you satisfied; I still have to clean the loose material out of the passageways, but that’s about as good as I can do. It looks very uneven, and there are some rough spots around the water jackets, but they are recessed due to corrosion. There’s not much I can do without having the block decked. I’m going to give it a shot. One can only hope for the best!

I think the big expenditures left are the driveshaft, transmission mating, exhaust, and of course the electronics. But this should get me through the next couple months!!!


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