Parts parts parts

So, as I said, I’ve already go the oil pump. There are some bits that I need to get from an auto parts store, and then some decisions to make.

I need to buy the drive gear for the water pump–it runs off the camshaft, and the gear is just captured in the top of the block above the intake valley. I can’t find the part for sale online, so it’s probably a dealer item.

Timing set, new Opti spark. These are no brainers since it’s completely torn apart, and I don’t know the history. I’m going to go with the OBD-1, non-crankshaft position sensor setup; if I end up with an OBD-II computer, I’ll just have to tune the CKP out. It’s not used for anything except misfire detection anyway.

Water pump: I don’t know what to buy. There are a couple options, and they are basically Caprice, Camaro, or Corvette. The pumps are basically the same, but it seems there is an extra water outlet on the camaro pump. Below are links to two options at summit:

I’m not sure which is correct, or where the extra coolant hose would go. I think I’ll just check the water pump at home, which is probably the Caprice version, and go with the most similar. Anyone have any ideas?

Timing cover, then the top end kit and intake manifold. What else? Eventually, I’ll need pushrods (not included in the kit), a coil & wires, and the S10 conversion kit. Find a place to coat the headers. Exhaust cutouts. A auto to manual conversion kit, including pedals, master/slave cylinder, mounting crap, and wiring harness. OH yeah, I need a wiring harness. And probably a new PCM.

On the upside, I think I’m about done with the engine cleaning. I need to go get some sandpaper tonight and finish up the gasket surfaces. And figure a way to clean all the crap out of the cylinders when I’m done.


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