More snow sports

Got a few more days on the mountain recently. First, the g/f and I flew down to Wyoming to do some snowmobiling with her family. We were there for two days, and her niece and nephew were with us the first day. Here’s the niece with eyeballs the size of dinnerplates:

Her youngest brother really leaning on it:

The place we rented my sled from actually had a prototype yamaha that will be released in October. It actually has POWER STEERING. Schmoooooth, brutha!

The night after our first day of sledding we got hit by one of those monster plains storms, which dumped over a foot of snow. If you went up to the ridgeline and weren’t careful, you might hit some deep snow that piled up as it blew over the ridge:

(Yes, those are the handlebars)

Finally, a couple shots we took after the skies cleared on a little ramp near the rental shop that nobody had touched yet. Her youngest brother, and me:

I also got in another day up at Stevens. MONSTER dump on Friday night, with 16″ new in 24 hours. Yes, in April. There were subarus and jeeps sliding off the road left and right, not to mention multiple Hondas that were snowbankbound. The Suburban just hauled right on up there. That thing is a BEAST. I guess 7900 lbs and studded snow tires do the job, huh? Pictures later after I get them off the camera.


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