I couldn’t resist

So, I am not a psycho-uber-republican. I am usually conservative, yes, but I identify less and less with the GOP. But today, I just couldn’t resist.

First, I saw this comic:

And THEN, I saw this CNN article.

I couldn’t stop laughing to myself.

UPDATE: So, I knew beforehand that the two links above aren’t necessarily related; we have not passed a law authorizing a state takeover of health care. I know this (and I’m quite thankful for it; I’ve been under one of those, and they’ve done me some serious damage over the years). However, you didn’t read my mind: in between seeing the two links above, I read this and this. It’s one of my favorite authors discussing why he thinks the health insurance reform law is a great idea, and it is for him. His situation is different than mine, so I understand why he likes it. Note, however, he’d like even more:

Speaking for myself, I would gladly trade our present health care system — even with the Obama fixes — for a Canadian or Australian model. I’d do it tomorrow, without hesitation. So would millions of other Americans.

I’m sure millions would; again, it’s their right. I know how much that sucks, though, and I DO NOT WANT. And when I saw the article about the NHS business, I couldn’t stop laughing.


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