Two things…

First, health care passed. I’m sad, but I was pretty resigned to it anyway. I think what upsets me the most is that I am now required by law to buy insurance. Yes, I should have it anyway, but to fine me if I don’t? Also, the root problem wasn’t solved–health care, the thing that people are claiming is a right, isn’t cheaper or easier to get. Health care INSURANCE is; although for anyone that’s ever had an insurance claim knows, the service is only the smaller hassle. The insurance battle is the greater by far.

Secondly, and more importantly, the Racetronix/Walbro 255 is in, and the truck fired on the first crank. NO PROBLEMO. I am an auto GOD. Or at least, I feel that way, after this yearlong battle has reached the turning point. I just have to go exchange the locking ring for the right one and get the pump fully installed, and I’m golden.

It’s tequila time!!!!!

UPDATE, way later:


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