Wow, where’d I go??

Well, there was the trip to Cleveland. Then the Olympics. Then I had to run around and go skiing two weekends in a row at Crystal (14, maybe 15, I have to go back and check dates, but I think 14). Plus I went sailing (and successfully challenged the Navigation course, big surprise). And then, this:

The screen was dead. Black; sometimes it would be on but black and red scambles. SOOO….me being me, I didn’t want to drop the hundred bucks on a new video card. So…I ordered some capacitors. (Full disclosure: I have three different confirmed opinions that I am certifiably insane for repairing a video card. Two of them are my roommates.) But then….

Yup. Worky worky. Take that, world.

Sadly, not everything turns out that good for me–my CRAFTSMAN floor jack broke. The universal joint that connects the handle to the hydraulic unit shattered. And Sears won’t service it, and I called 5 or 6 phone numbers with no luck, and it took the Sears guy an hour to find out that I could pay 139 bucks for a new power unit, or just buy a new jack with jackstands for 120. Bastards.

Stay tuned for me taking on Verizon. That one is still playing out, and I may end up writing a letter.

Also, stay tuned for more Crystal pictures, plus some bowling league shots, and a 1940s US Navy Chevrolet. OH…real quick: my Christmas cactus, from my old roommate/fraternity brother/friend’s cousin’s girlfriend finally bloomed after 2 years. Too bad the Orchids won’t do anything….I’ll stick to cactus and rice, I guess.


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