Changes, they are a-coming…

Women on submarines

Homosexuals in the military

Personally, I’ve long been of the opinion that the military’s reluctance to embrace these two changes has been societal; the military is but a slice of American society (often a slice off the bottom, true…), and that slice hasn’t been culturally ready for women on subs or gays in the military. If society is ready, and by that I do NOT mean that Congress is ready for society to accept, both of these, then I say bring it on. There’s nothing a SWO daddy can do that a sub bubba can’t do better. However, I warn you all: there WILL be somebody complaining about being contact farted or seeing the maneuvering door window get flying squirrelled before the first year sets on this new light of equality. Right or wrong, it’s going to hurt. Undoubtedly, we’ll be better off for it in ten years, but getting from here to there means we have to go through our own Tailhook first, I imagine.

I’m glad I’m only shore side support nowadays, that’s for sure. Also, I feel sorry for those first ensigns to slide down the hatch, clutching their butter-bars and qual cards tightly to their chest, fending off the inevitable verbal brutality that is a submarine at sea. It was relatively tough for me, and I’m from Texas! I know someone who didn’t make it through that first female class at the Academy, and it can brutal. She’s a fantastic leader, and incredibly smart to boot, but she DORed. Can you unvolunteer for the submarine force due to emotional distress? There are plenty of men who don’t: some get drummed out for behavior/performance, some get out as soon as they can, and the one in a thousand actually takes action, usually against himself. These are the tragedies of the submarine world, and I hope we aren’t forcing more of our strongest into the meat grinder before the culture is ready for it.


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