One more down

Suburban is running like a well oiled machine again!  Got a new Oil Pressure Sender in, installed the relay (and cleaned up the wiring and routing quite a bit), and checked the LP voltage.  Works GREAT!  You can drop the hammer from a stop and it’ll pull like a turbine all the way up to 80mph without any hesitation or studder.  Let me tell you, that turbo is a fantastic piece of machinery when the wastegate isn’t open the whole time.  POWAH.

So on the suburban, we had the Pump Motor Driver, the Wastegate actuator/solenoid, and the Oil Pressure Sender all bad.  No wonder the guy wanted to get rid of it.  Total cost of the truck (1995 3/4 ton 4×4):  $6681, and now I know a heck of a lot more about diesel mills, plus this truck is very well sorted out now.  Kelley Blue Book says the truck is worth $5400, but don’t forget my number includes brand new wheels/winter tires which easily run a grand.  And now we’re at the top of the maintenance cycle, since it’s all just been done.  I’ll call that a win.  Just waiting on the new air filter to come in (stupid back orders).  Plus, knowledge is power, and I’ve gained a lot of it on this project.

Stratus no longer leaks, and that’s a HUGE win.

Bike is still scary fast, without being scary loose on the chain.  +1.

Now, if I can just get that fuel pump to come in for the S10, I’ll be 100%.  Since The Company is giving us our 5% back that they cut last year during the recession, I should make some good progress on the LT1.  Like I said, I’ve already got the oil pump (steel shaft).  Next will be a new timing set, and probably the S10 350 in a box from Summit.  Then, I need to make a decision about heads & cam; I’m starting to lean towards the LT4 Hot Cam setup, which includes an intake manifold, which the Trick Flow setup didn’t.  Still open to opinions.

LT4 Kit

Different LT4 Kit

Trick Flow Kit

I’m still cleaning the block.  It’s painstaking work, and it’s not nearly as much fun as bolting pieces on or taking bits off.  So there’s not much to show you picture wise.  I also need to do some more readinig, and maybe call Painless Wiring or someone, and figure out if I want to outfit the engine as an OBD-1 or an OBD-2; the truck itself is OBD-2, but the ’95 block is OBD-1.  I don’t know how hard it would be to get the two to talk, or if it’s even possible without them both being OBD-2.  I also need to find out what will be required come emissions time.


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