What is a right?

Here’s a conversation I had today with a friend from the UK who is here in Washington for awhile.  A couple days ago, we enjoyed a discussion about the unwarranted searches occurring in London.  This was MUCH more fun.

me: Last summer, we went up and stayed on the shoulder of Mt. Buckner.
T(with an awesome accent):  You have your own Mt?
I want one
me:  Why yes, we all do in America.
T(waAA):  Oh

me:  It’s one of those rights guaranteed by our Constitution.
T(waAA):  Oh. Can I get one by proxi.  I do pay my taxes
me:  then you’re doing better than half our legislature!
Just for the record, it turns out she DOES have her own mountain two actually, and per her request, you can snowboard on one of them.  Sadly, it’s in Maine.

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