One more baby step

Mechanical wastegate actuator works great, makes good power.  Looking to replace the serpentine belt with a shorter one and remove the vacuum pump since it’s now useless.  Also, I cleaned out the drain channels from the rear BarnDoors, hopefully that will stop the leak into the rear cabin space.  I need to pick up a relay from the store on Wednesday to hopefully fix the Oil Pressure Sensor/Lift Pump interface problem that is common on the 6.5TDs.  After that, I think I’ll have found and fixed all of the major common problems on these motors (PMD overheat, loss of wastegate actuator being the other major ones).  I’m going to pick up the belt on Wednesday, and will order a new air filter tonight.

Looked at the S10 fuel pressure tonight; had trouble getting it to fire again.  Getting fuel pressure around 52-55lbs consistently from priming, and it’ll ALMOST start with that.  Once I got it started, after I shut the motor down, the fuel pump pushed up to 65 lbs, and it starts right up.  I’m suspecting this is due to a fuel pump that has become ineffective, except at the highest voltages available when the alternator stops charging the battery (closer to 14V).  This is supported by the fact that the truck starts MUCH easier when on a charger, which has an elevated voltage. I’m ordering the new pump tonight as well as the air filter for the suburban.

Stratus is running great, although I’m beginning to worry about the timing chain tensioners.  They’re about 15K past due from refreshing.  It’ll have to hold until the S10 swap is done.  Bike is running like a raped ape, as usual.  Even in the rain, eek.

Finally, did some more significant cleaning on the head surfaces of the block. I’ll hit it with some acetone the next time to try to finish up.  I’ll probably start buying parts on Wednesday; new oil pump, new timing cover for 96+ (extra sensor for crank position), new optispark, new waterpump.  That means that spreadsheet over there on the right will start going up again.  Woo, I guess?


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